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Health Insurance Resources: Options for People with a Chronic Disease or Disability
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Health Insurance Resources: Options for People with a Chronic Disease or Disability
Dorothy E. Northrop, MSW, ACSW and Stephen Cooper
Demos Medical Publishing, November 2002, 186 Pages
Soft Cover
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Editorial Review

Health insurance is one of society"s most pressing issues.   The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not   have health insurance for everyone. The uninsured as well as those with inadequate   health insurance coverage are increasing at alarming rates; over 43 million   Americans now lack health insurance coverage, and millions more have inadequate   health insurance to meet all of their health care needs, particularly those   with chronic disabilities.

This book contains information about a wide variety of options that will be   of assistance to individuals who are uninsured, underinsured, or who have questions   about insurance and don"t know where to begin. The first section presents   an overview of health insurance plans, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,   and federal legislation that impacts health insurance coverage. The second section   includes directories and resources to assist in researching health insurance   options. In the third section there is an insurance planning workbook for people   with chronic disabilities. We thank Laura Cooper, Esq. for developing this workbook   as a financial planning resource and making it available for inclusion in this   manual.

This book was developed to assist people with disabilities and chronic health   conditions, as well as health care professionals, understand the health care   system and maximize their rights and entitlements within that system. It is   important that this information be supplemented and updated with local and state   legislation and regulations on an on-going basis.

About the Authors:
  Dorothy E. Northrop, MSW, ACSW is Director of Clinical Programs   for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Stephen Cooper   is Coordinator, Health Insurance Information for the Society.

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