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Food Medication Interactions, 13th Edition
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Food Medication Interactions, 13th Edition
Zaneta M. Pronsky, MS, RD, LDN, FADA
Price: $26.95 (Hardcopy)
Posted: 04/26/2004

Editorial Review
  by: Susan Goodman, MA, RD, CDE
This spiral-bound, pocket sized compendium contains a wealth of portable,   well-organized, clear, concise, easily readable, well documented, current information.   The current edition, copyrighted 2004, marks the 25th anniversary of the publication.   The book contains information on more than 1000 drugs; more than 100 references are   cited. Drugs are listed alphabetically and are cross-referenced by both generic   and trade names. Many natural/herbal products are also included. The information   included here is not often available in one single resource.
  The information presented for each medication includes the following entries:   general drug class or actions, nutritional effects and related dietary instructions,   side effects, renal/hepatic warnings, cardiac warnings, contraindications, special   dietary precautions, monitoring information, pregnancy information/FDA categories.   In addition to the main body of the book there are more than 20 additional tables   of relevant information. Included are grapefruit-drug interactions, drug-ethanol   interactions, potential interactive ingredients, caffeine content of foods and   beverages, laboratory values and nutrition assessment standards for adult males   and females to name just a few.
  Information is not limited to drugs frequently prescribed for persons with multiple   sclerosis. This can provide for more comprehensive patient assessment and education.
  In reviewing the drug entries, this reviewer noted one possible oversight. In   the entry for Rebif, which appears directly under the one for Avonex, no route   of administration is stated. The route of administration is listed for Avonex   as (IM) intramuscular; assuming that Rebif were similarly administered would   be inaccurate, because it is administered subcutaneously. Inserting (SC) next   to Rebif would avoid any confusion.
  The book is available in hard copy for $26.95 and in PDA format for $94.95 (special   introductory offer of $79.95 is currently available) and in PC software format   for $199.95. (A copy of the book is included with the PC software. Prepayment   is required. The book or software can be ordered from

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  About the Author:
  Zaneta M. Pronsky, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, National Speaker on Food-Medication Interactions & Consultant Dietitian, Birchrunville, PA; Former Chief Research Dietitian, Clinical Research Center, Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, IN
  About the Reviewer:
    Susan Goodman, MA, RD, CDE (Registered Dietitian, Certified   Diabetes Educator) currently works as the Research Dietitian for the Division   of Experimental Diabetes and Aging at the Brookdale Department of Geriatrics   and Adult Development at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, NY. Prior   to her current position she was a Nutritionist for Lenox Hill Community Medical   Group in New York City. She also worked as a Nutritionist and Faculty Member   at St. Joseph"s Regional Medical Center-Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Family   Medicine Program, Paterson, New Jersey. She served for more than 20 years on   the Clinical Advisory Committee of the Greater North Jersey Chapter of the National   Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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