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Book Review: Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis, 3rd Ed
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Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis, Third Edition
June Halper, MSN, RN, FAAN; Nancy Holland, EdD, RN

Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis, 3rd EdBook Details:
Published: 2010
ISBN-13: 9780826118523
Format: Softcover
Pages: 296
Price: $50.00
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Table of Contents:



  1. An Overview of Multiple Sclerosis
    June Halper and Nancy J. Holland
  2. Integrating the Concept of Hope Into Clinical Practice
    Linda A. Morgante
  3. Educating the Patient and Family
    June Halper and Nancy J. Holland
  4. Providing Advocacy for the Patient With Multiple Sclerosis
    Dorothy E. Northrop


  1. Providing Culturally Competent Care
    June Halper
  2. Managing and Minimizing Symptoms
    Randall T. Schapiro and Diana M. Schneider
  3. Managing Elimination Dysfunction
    Marie A. Namey
  4. Addressing Risk Factors Across the Disease Spectrum
    Colleen Harris
  5. Incorporating Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Symptom Management
    Patricia M. Kennedy
  6. Addressing Psychosocial Issues
    Nicholas G. LaRocca and Rosalind C. Kalb
  7. Acknowledging Sexuality and Implementing Family Planning
    Rosalind C. Kalb
  8. Working With the Pediatric Patient Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis
    Jennifer R. Boyd and Maria C. Milazzo


  1. Collaborating With the Rehabilitation Team
    Patricia M. Kennedy
  2. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Pharmacotherapeutics
    Aliza Bitton Ben-Zacharia


Appendix A. Managing Resources Nancy Clayton Reitman
Appendix B. Managing Multiple Sclerosis Relapses and Symptoms: Pharmacology Overview

New editions of academic texts may include updates regarding treatment, statistical, and epidemiological data, but rarely does an update include a stirring theme regarding a disease state. Fortunately, in the case of Multiple Sclerosis, the past decade has brought about improvement in both diagnostic acumen and treatment of patients with this disease. With these improvements, the antiquated treatment approach of "diagnose and adios” has been replaced by a positive and hopeful method to the comprehensive care of people living with MS. Eight years after the last edition of this text, we are presented with a new model of nursing care for this disease.

June Halper and Nancy Holland formulated the 3rd edition of Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis according to the Morgante conceptual framework of hope. Thus, the information focus is on wellness rather than illness, culturally competent and comprehensive care, appropriate utilization of resources, and on physical as well as emotional wellbeing. The ultimate goal is to empower the person living with the disease, the carepartners of that person, and the nurse involved in the care.

The text is organized in a logical manner, beginning with the epidemiology of MS, and following with chapters addressing the concept of hopeful care, patient and family education, cultural competence, and management of the most common symptoms and psychosocial problems faced by people living with MS. Each chapter is written by renowned and respected MS clinicians with expertise in the chapter’s subject. Perhaps most beneficial to the reality of patient care is the initial presentation of subject matter via case study. Authors describe subject matter, follow with relevant interventions, and end with resolution of the case study using the information presented. Additionally, chapters present information that can be useful across disciplines. The clinician reading the chapter thus gleans information not only about nursing care, but also about rehabilitation, social work, and psychological resources.

Important updates to this edition also include advancements in technology, such as patient access to and use of the Internet and its affect on plans of care; new symptomatic medications; pediatric MS; and the implications of newer disease modifying treatments. This text is well referenced with current, peer-reviewed literature. Detailed discussions regarding new developments in MS research are presented with references to studies in the literature and their implications for clinical practice. There are two appendices, the first providing informational resources according to subject matter, and the second providing dosage information regarding symptomatic medications organized according to symptom.

The targeted audience of this compendium is the MS nurse, however, the scope of this text makes it worthwhile for nurses, rehabilitation and behavioral professionals, and the physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner new to the MS field. As Halper, Holland, and the chapter authors remind the reader throughout the text, it is the coordinated and comprehensive care of Multiple Sclerosis that leads to a successful outcome. Providers from all disciplines should be aware of the scope of practice of their colleagues, and this content would be a worthwhile read for those outside of the nursing profession. As new symptomatic and disease modifying treatments for MS come to our hands more quickly, easy-to-read and well-referenced works such as Comprehensive Care in Multiple Sclerosis are invaluable for providers who strive to keep as current as possible in their provision of care.

About the Reviewer:
Megan Barrett, DNP, ARNP-c, MSCN
Megan Barrett Megan Barrett is an advanced registered nurse practitioner who has been practicing neurology for 10 years and has been an MS Certified Nurse for 7. She currently works at Baptist Neurology, Beaches Division, where she specializes in the care of MS patients. She received her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Florida in 2009, and her research focus was preventive health care in MS patients. She was elected to a three-year term for the International Organization of MS Nurses Board of Directors beginning in 2010, and also serves on the Clinical Advisory Committee and as Research Advocate for the North Florida chapter of the National MS Society. She is an active speaker in the region, both to patients and health care providers, on topics related to the care of people living with MS.

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