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CPE Mission
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The core purpose of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) is to maximize the ability of multiple sclerosis (MS) healthcare professionals to impact care of people that are affected by MS, thus improving their quality of life. The CMSC is a networking organization comprised of professionals and institutions focused on the diagnosis and treatment of persons with multiple sclerosis.

The Continuing Medical Education Program is an integral part of the organization’s overall mission and is a change agent whose purpose it is to improve learners’ competence and performance‐in‐practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


The content of the program comprises all facets of MS including:

  • Diagnosis
    • Accurate application of clinical diagnostic guidelines
    • Neuroimaging
  • Disease State Management
    • Disease modifying therapies
    • Relapse recognition and Treatment
  • Management of Complex Symptoms
    • Visible (and invisible)
  • Pathophysiology / Neuroanatomy
  • Immunology
  • Quality of Life Issues
  • Rehabilitation
  • Research
    • Genetics
    • Genomics
    • Epidemiology
    • Clinical trials
    • Palliative care

Within the scope of the MS physician’s practice as outlined above, CME is initiated based on a comprehensive needs assessment process anchored to a gap analysis in which targeted learners’ current practices are compared against best practices. The resulting gap analysis informs the learning objectives and CME content.

Target Audience
The CME target audience comprises clinicians that practice in multiple sclerosis centers; other physicians with responsibility to manage the care of the MS patient such as neurologists, urologists, radiologists, immunologists, physiatrists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists, psychiatrists, and primary care physicians; acute, rehabilitation, and long term care facilities; and physicians with research responsibilities in the area of MS.

Types of Activities

CMSC selects from a range of types of activities that are chosen based on the intended result(s) of the specific intervention or groups of interventions. All CME activities engage the learner in the educational process through interactive teaching methods, use of case studies, use of audience response systems, and Q&A formats. The design of CME is structured to sustain change through multiple stages of learning and use of non‐educational interventions.

Design options include:
  • Live activities including CMSC’s annual meeting and other symposia and workshops
  • Journal‐based CME
  • Internet‐based CME, both live and enduring

Expected Results
CMSC holds its educational activities to the following metrics:
  • When designated, learner competence will be improved as measured by outcomes questions or case studies that determine if the learner understands the strategies to apply knowledge learned to practice.
  • When designated, learner performance‐in‐practice will be improved as measured by outcomes questionnaires and/or qualitative interviews of learners that determine if the desired behavior changes were actually implemented in practice and if not the barriers that prevented them from being implemented.
  • When designated, improvement in patient outcomes will be assessed through the observational findings of learners based on their patients that presented with relevant medical problems in the ensuing time between the questionnaire and the activity.
  • General learner satisfaction is measured for all activities in terms of learner response to post‐activity evaluation questions relating to achievement of educational objectives, the quality of the faculty, the ability of the activity to address their needs for participating in the activity, and their experience of whether the activity was presented without commercial bias.
  • All assessments and evaluations are analyzed by CMSC staff and presented to physician leadership and the operating committees of the organization to assure that the education offered was consistent with the CME Mission and to make improvements to the CME Program on an ongoing basis.
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